We invest.


Aventio MB invests along with top venture capital firms and family offices in technology companies focused on Fintech, enterprise software and marketplaces driving significant financial and operational value through its deep expertise within these verticals. Our investments are focused entirely on companies and founders we know well and have an active, on-going dialogue. Our investment objective is to closely work with the founders as they scale their companies. We are active investors.


Company Name: Garaj Sepeti
Website: www.garajsepeti.com
Investment Nature: Series A
Stake Acquired: Minority
Investment: September 2019

Company Name: Voicera
Website: www.voicera.com
Investment Nature: Series A
Stake Acquired: Minority
Investment: March 2018
Exit: September 2019

Company name: Wrappup Inc.
Website: www.wrappup.co
Investment Nature: Seed Stage
Stake Acquired: Minority
Investment: March 2016
Exit: March 2018

Company Name: Mackolik Internet Hizmetleri Tic. A.S.
Website: www.mackolik.com
Investment Nature: Mature
Stake Acquired: Minority
Investment: June 2012
Exit: May 2016