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Track Record

Since May 2016, Aventio MB-backed investments collectively returned 37.9% US Dollar-based net IRR to its GP and investors. Within the nine Aventio MB-backed investments, there are two exited companies and three existing portfolio companies over $100m valuation.


Since its inception, Aventio MB managed funds invested in the following technology and technology-enabled businesses:

Company Name: Silverflow
Sector: Fintech
Investment Stage: Series A
Investment Date: October 2021

New age acquiring and processing software fintech serving payfacs, merchants, banks

Company Name: Kavak
Sector: B2C E-commerce
Investment Stage: Series D
Investment Date: September 2021

The largest second-hand auto marketplace operating in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, KSA

Company Name: WufWuf
Sector: B2C E-commerce
Investment Stage: Angel & Seed
Investment Date: August 2020

UK’s largest subscription-based pet box delivery platform

Company Name: Garajsepeti
Sector: B2C/B E-commerce
Investment Stage: Series A
Investment Date: November 2019
Exit Date: September 2021

A second-hand auto marketplace for consumers and auto galleries in Turkey

Company Name: Minka
Sector: Fintech
Investment Stage: Angel & Seed
Investment Date: December 2018

Cloud-based open, real-time payment network operating in Colombia and Mexico.

Company Name: KOIN
Sector: Fintech
Investment Stage: Series A
Investment Date: December 2018
Exit Date: February 2022

Brazil’s first BNPL provider, offering online installment solutions

Company Name: Jewel Paymentech
Sector: Fintech
Investment Stage: Pre-Series A
Investment Date: June 2018
Exit Date: July 2022

KYC, and AML software provider for banks and fintech companies in SEA.

Company Name: Voicera (WrappUp)
Sector: B2B SaaS
Investment Stage: Seed
Investment Date: April 2016
Exit Date: September 2019

Voice-enabled deep-tech business assistant.

Company Name: Mackolik
Sector: Digital Media/B2C
Investment Stage: Growth Stage
Investment Date: July 2012
Exit Date: May 2016

Turkey’s highest independent traffic generating app serving consumers real-time sports information and content